advantages and disadvantages of water

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water

The percentage of water in adults is about 60% of total body weight. To regulate the normal activity of major organs of the body like the brain, kidney, liver, lung, etc., water is incomparable. To prevent different diseases of the skin, water is the primary treatment.

Even the occurrence of kidney stones, UTI can be prevented by drinking adequate water. You can also control your muscle activity, brain function, and weight if your body gets enough quantity of water.

Advantages of water

  1. Healthy joints

Water is the major component of synovial fluid. The synovial fluid remains in between two bones or joints. These act as lubricants and prevent friction of bones. That’s why you can easily move your joints.

But water deficiency for a long time has a bad impact on bones. It is due to a decrease in the quantity of synovial fluid. In the end, you will suffer from pain or restricted joint movement.

  1. Sufficient saliva

Saliva contains 99.5% of water. Your food digestion like fat and carbohydrate starts with the action of saliva.  It also removes bacteria from your mouth. Even it helps you to talk in a normal manner.

But if you don’t drink sufficient water, you will feel the dryness of your mouth. Dry mouth is one of the common symptoms of dehydration..

  1. Oxygen transport

Blood transport oxygen to the whole body and carry carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs. Blood is composed of 90 percent water. so water indirectly helps us by transporting oxygen in the body.

  1. Support brain

Cerebrospinal fluid( CSF) provides support to the brain from damage. Actually, it acts as a lubricate to prevent friction of the brain with surrounding skull bone. This CSF contains 99% water. so ultimately water is the basic composition to make your organ stable and healthy

  1. Healthy skin

Sufficient water makes the cell of the skin hydrated and prevents water loss from the skin. So through water, the skin gets enough nutrients to stay healthy. But lack of water causes the skin to dry. Dryness of skin creates wrinkles and different skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, etc.

  1. Prevent constipation

Adequate water in the body helps in regular bowel movement. After taking food, the digestion process starts with the help of various enzymes. At last, the processes of digestion ends in the colon. If you don’t drink enough water, your colon takes up water from this digested food.

For that reason, the bowel loses its normal movement. So this is the cause of constipation

You have heard a lot to take dietary fiber to prevent constipation. Dietary fiber helps to hold water in the bowel to reduce constipation.

  1. Remove toxin from the body

Water is the best drink to remove waste products from the body through sweat, urine. When you take a proper quantity of water it flushes the toxin from the body mainly by the kidney.

  1. It regulates body temperature

Water regulates the internal temperature of the body according to the external temperature. To tolerate high environmental temperature, the body produces sweating. That’s why you can tolerate heat.

  1. Transport minerals

Water contains lots of minerals which is helpful for normal activities of the different organs of the body. Again as a composition of blood, water indirectly can transfer nutrients and minerals from food after absorption

  1. Prevent bladder infection

Drinking sufficient water is one of the best treatments for urinary tract infections (UTI). Even you don’t need any medicine to overcome UTI if you drink water properly.

  1. Reduces depression

Lack of water causes dehydration in the body. But it has a bad impact on the brain. This makes you fatigue and decreases your energy level. That’s why you will feel depression always. But hydration enhances the energy of every cell and neuron. That’s why you will feel better both mentally and physically.

  1. Normal breath

Dehydration aggravates the symptoms of asthma due to airway restriction. Proper hydration makes the airway moist and helps to normal breath

13. It prevents kidney damage

Kidneys maintain the normal body fluid balance in the body. It helps to retain necessary minerals from water and removes harmful minerals or toxins through urine. But due to lack of adequate water, kidneys try to hold the remaining water to maintain fluid balance.

As a result, excess minerals and toxins can’t go away through urine from your body. This causes stone formation in the kidney. These stones are nothing but an accumulation of calcium or uric acid. Even less water drinking produces infection and inflammation.

So you can just prevent this situation by drinking water adequately.

  1. Boosts energy of muscle during exercise

To perform well, muscle cells need to be hydrated. Otherwise, cells fail to do the normal activity and the transport of different electrolytes like sodium, potassium in cells, get hampered.

Ultimately muscle becomes fatigued and can’t work properly during exercise. Even you can’t do normal movement due to this weakness.

That’s why during exercise it is advisable to drink water before exercise. And also you have to take a break to drink water at the time of exercise.

This gives energy to the muscle cell so that it can perform long without getting weak during exercise or sports.

  1. Helps to reduce weight

Water helps to reduce weight. It is highly recommended to drink water before a meal instead of at the time of eating. Drinking water before a meal helps to take less food.

Also, you have to choose water-rich fruits or vegetables. These are easily digestible and you don’t feel hungry for a long time.

  1. Decreases effects of a hangover

Hangover due to drinking alcohol can be reduced by drinking water. Though water doesn’t reduce your hangover fully, it helps to feel better. Alcohol acts as a diuretic which causes water loss from the body.

As a result, you suffer from dehydration. Dehydration makes the state of hangover worst. That’s why drinking water is important during this time.

  1. Enhance the activity of the brain

The percentage of water in the brain is about 80–85%. So proper functioning of the brain depends much on the water level. Dehydration is one of the major causes of impaired memory and mood disorder.

  1. Decrease in the sugar craving

Drink a glass of water instead of sweet food. Water intake reduces the craving for sugar.

  • Decreases headaches and migraines

Headache and migraines can be aggravated due to less water intake. Dehydration can act as a trigger factor for migraine or headache.

Disadvantages of water

  1. Excess water intake causes water intoxication
  2. Normal water intake increases the damage of kidney in patient with chronic kidney disease. They have to consult with doctor about the water intake.
  3. Overloaded water causes harm in patient with cardiac disease.

Although water is very important for human health, in some cases it can become dangerous.

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