Alkaline Water and Pregnancy : 7+ amazing benefits you have to know

Alkaline Water and Pregnancy

Alkaline Water and Pregnancy is not an uncommon issue for the expectant mother.

The need for water increases dramatically due to altered hormone level during pregnancy. The maternal body must produce amniotic fluid and more blood. In addition, you have to meet the water needs of your future child and have reserves for the time of delivery. The consequences of the lack of water in pregnancy can reflect in maternal and unborn health.

It is common to talk about the importance of having an adequate regular water balance. Still, very seldom reference is made to what is the recommended alkaline water consumption for pregnant women. This article will help you solve all your doubts about it, and finally, you can have a clear conception.

Hydration and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of special needs. You must bear in mind that your weight will increase by about 12 kg on average. And most of it will be in the form of accumulation of water in cells and tissues, between 6 and 9 liters in total.

But it will also increase your total blood volume, so you must drink more water to assume these changes.

In addition, the fetus needs to be surrounded by sufficient amniotic fluid, at least 600 – 800 ml. And its function is fundamental, since it is an embryo, for its intrauterine development. In addition, the fetus itself is formed, like all human beings, fundamentally by water.

Therefore, do you know how much more you should drink if you are pregnant? You should drink plenty of water for at least 2 to 2.5 liters or eight glass of water per day.

Time to drink alkaline water (Thirsty or not)

The feeling of thirst appears when your dehydration manifests itself. For this reason, it is advisable to drink alkaline water in small quantities regularly and throughout the day.

Alkaline water is vital for pregnant women.

Drinking alkaline ionized water during pregnancy is necessary to maintain amniotic fluid, increase the plasma volume, and ensure sound development of the fetus. A smaller molecule of alkaline water provides quick hydration to fulfill this water requirement.

On the other hand, because of pregnancy, water is responsible for facilitating the transport of alkaline nutrients to the fetus and producing an acidic environment in the mothers’ body.

In that case, alkaline ionized water favors the neutralization of acidity and maintains appropriate ph. By neutralizing excess acid, it helps to prevent heartburn, GERD.

Lack of alkaline minerals during pregnancy can be solved by alkaline ionized water as it contains alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium which have a good effect on the bone.

During pregnancy, the immune system becomes inferior to the mother. Alkaline water can boost immunity due to it contains antioxidants.

Consequences of lack of water in pregnancy


  • Common symptoms of morning sickness like headache
  • Constipation.
  • Stomach acid reflux
  • Swelling of the ankles and feet (due to the body’s fluid or water retention due to dehydration).
  • Hemorrhoids, bladder infections (by diluting the urine, the water reduces the risk of disease).
  • Preterm labor.
  • Dehydration, which generates weakness and lack of energy.
  • Flaking and dry skin.


Importance of alkaline ionized water in pregnancy to reduce health risks

The fetus is 95% water, so a pregnant woman needs to drink more to ensure normal fetal development. In addition, during pregnancy, not being well hydrated can be a great inconvenience since hydration will be directly related to your health.

Water is necessary to form an amniotic fluid and increase blood volume because the blood circulation of the fetus comes into play. So you can give the full responsibility of hydration on alkaline water which will satisfy you 100%. Alkaline water provides some outstanding support to pregnant mothers by reducing many problems, including symptoms of morning sickness.


The increase in blood volume happens during the first trimester, so headaches due to lack of hydration are frequent.

Fluid retention

This uncomfortable situation seems inevitable during the third trimester. It is usually caused by dehydration. When your body isn’t hydrated properly, it retains the fluid it does have. So If you retain a lot of fluid, you will have edema, and your tension will increase. Drink alkaline water reduces dehydration and helps you to free yourself from these symptoms.


If you don’t drink the recommended amount of alkaline water daily, your blood pressure often increases. Your potassium and sodium levels will become unbalanced, and the density of your blood will rise. But high-pH alkaline water can decrease blood viscosity, the thickness, and stickiness of your blood.


An insufficient water intake will directly affect your intestinal transit and the hardness of your stools. The amount of fiber you introduce into your diet is also vital at this point. If you have an excess of fiber intake, iron and calcium cannot be absorbed. For proper bone formation, iron and calcium are essential for the fetus. So to avoid anemia, the best way to relieve constipation during pregnancy is to drink more alkaline water.


During pregnancy, it is almost common to have a urinary tract infection. Even the pain due to UTI can produce false labor pain. UTI occurs mainly due to dehydration and lack of immunity during pregnancy. So to avoid these symptoms, proper hydration should be maintained with drinking alkaline water.

Weakness and lack of energy

Dehydration and lack of valuable minerals are responsible for the weakness and lack of energy of expectant mothers. Alkaline water contains lots of mineral content and antioxidants, which can boosts energy levels.

Preterm labor or difficulties in labor

It may occur due to less amniotic fluid levels. When pregnant women become dehydrated her amniotic fluid level also becomes reduced, which ultimately causes preterm labor. Only proper hydration can solve this problem as alkaline water can easily absorb into the body and provide quick hydration. It can help to get rid of this condition.

How to get alkaline clean water

Springwater is the natural source of alkaline water. At home, you can use an alkaline water pitcher or countertop alkaline water filter to get fresh, instant water without any hassle.

Otherwise, you can get bottled alkaline ionized water. Whatever you use to get alkaline water, the quality of water should not be altered. So be careful about your selection of the source of alkaline water.

So Future moms can drink fresh alkaline water to ensure their health and that of their child. There is more chance of having unhealthy minerals or pollutants in regular tap water, which is a significant concern for pregnant women.

The immune system of pregnant women is low because contaminants can pass to the fetus, affecting its health.

For example, lead contamination can cause impaired fetal development and even cause miscarriages. The chlorine found in plain water can have the same effects. If you are concerned about the water quality in your home, it is best to drink alkaline ionized water regularly.

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